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Las Vegas week holiday

Come and live with us for a short while at Grandview, Las Vegas.

Or be our neighbour in an apartment close by.

You choose your dates during April and May 2025.

If we can be a group of dancers in the same resort at the same time, we can make our own freestyle any day or evening. Enjoy Las Vegas as a couple and in groups. Share car hire to the centre of town, Wal-Mart, the Grand Canyon. Give each other free lifts to and fro the airport. (Grandview runs a bus to Wal-Mart and the airport as well)

The more the merrier.

We own Timeshare so that you don't have to.

Your own apartment for £150 a night, whether sleeping 2 or 4. A couple sharing with us in our apartment £75 a night.

Proper, fully equipped apartments. Room to dance if sleeping only two.

Your reservation needs to be for a full week checking in and out either Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Flights and insurance are entirely down to you to organise and pay for. Perhaps someone will set up a Whatsapp group soon.

Your apartment will have full laundry facilities. A full kitchen with dishwasher. A Jacuzzi (usually) and shower. A dining room and lounge. Two big TVs. Free wifi. I take my laptop and HDMI cable to watch Netflix and my other subscriptions on their big TVs - as well as play my 900 mojive tunes on the TV speakers. Bring yours as well.
  If this idea is popular, future holidays could be in Miami or Orlando.

Sally and I married in 2019 and honeymooned in timeshares in Orlando FL and Williamsburg VA.

Phils Holiday Weeks

Las Vegas climate information

Las Vegas week holiday
Las Vegas week holiday

The sofa in the living room converts to a king size bed for the second couple.

Las Vegas week holiday

Las Vegas week holiday

Several swimming pools. Not just these, there are three more. There is a gym and pizza takeaway.

Las Vegas week holiday

Next door to Grandview is a huge hotel with many restaurants, shows (some free, some very cheap, some a lot of money), 16 screen cinema, 64 bowling lanes, 11 restaurants, huge gambling area, dancing to a live band on Wednesdays, equestrian arena and general arena. View their entertainment calendar here.

As a timeshare visitor, you get free and unlimited entry to the hotel and a book of vouchers. Free drinks if you gamble, so gamble slowly and drink quickly to beat the house.

Or we can drive the hire car 6 miles north up the strip to the big and famous hotels such as the Bellagio, New York, Venetian, Paris, Luxor, Strat and many, many others along the next 6 miles.

If this Google Map opens the same as it does for me, South Point is on the corner of Silverado Ranch and the strip which runs north and south from Caesars Palace. Las Vegas map. The hotels you would most want to visit are from Caesars Palace south to the bit of green. Roll your mouse over the bit of green to enlarge the map and see the famous hotel names appear. We park in Treasure Island for free when we go to the centre. Roll your mouse over 'Silverado Ranch' and South Point and Grandview will appear.

Driving to where the most famous hotels start six miles away is a straight drive north and very easy. And there is such a lot to do in South Point a short walk over the road. You have to see Bellagio, Paris, Venetian, Luxor and so on. Gordon Ramsey Burger in Planet Hollywood is particularly excellent. But for more fun and almost free shows go to South Point next door.

South Point

I took the photo above from our apartment window a year ago. You can see the Mandalay Bay hotel first in the distance. Then the side of the Luxor, then the Aria which is after New York and before the Bellagio.

South Point is about the 55th largest hotel in the world and it specialises in rodeos and the like. No one dresses up (except as cowboys), they are friendly, they have thousands of TV screens, free booze if you're gambling or you got vouchers from Grandview, tables and slots as big as two football pitches (probably), loads of restaurants, shows and national competitions in the arena - which we have sat and watched for free.

You will save a lot of money AND have better accommodation next door in Grandview, compared to a hotel room in South Point. Note: Everywhere adds service charge. South Point adds about $100 a day to a hotel room bill. Bear that in mind when you check prices on booking.com.

South Point


Grandview has three sizes we know of. A full apartment, two full apartments sharing a vestibule and smaller apartments (which they seem not to sell but offer to hotel booking sites). Some vestibules are shared by one larger and one smaller apartment.

You could be lucky and book two large apartments sharing a vestibule for two couples with complete privacy or up to 4 couples with reduced privacy. I will do my best to ensure that you only get the full size apartment. If I get it wrong, I will pay the $250 upgrade to a full apartment at reception.

Here is a floor plan from the Grandview website.

South Point

My email address and mobile number are at the top of this page. If you and some of your friends could be interested, why not start your own Whatsapp group and include me so that I can answer questions?

Do not buy timeshare yourself. Read how and why here.

Booking this accommodation through me is subject to RCI terms and conditions, which are tough. If you cancel, I doubt RCI will return me any money paid. If they do, I will give it all to you as well as any contribution you paid me toward my investment. Changing any detail is likely to cost money and changes must be made through RCI. The resort cannot make changes to RCI bookings.